Canada, Quebec, Montreal – English and Italian Music of the 17th and 18th centuries– April 12, 2013

Let yourselft be inspired by the joie-de-vivre and by the sensitivity of both English and Italian compoers of the 17th and 18th Centuries! This Friday, you will dance on a Dowland Galliard and you will give yourself over during a Mealli Sonata thanks to the masterful fingerings of Vincent Lauzer and Sylvain Bergeron. Join us for a refreshing outing while we pay hommage to these composers whose passions transcend time.

Vincent Lauzer, recorder and Sylvain Bergeron, luth

On the program :
Sonata seconda, Giovanni Battista Fontana
Reduction on “Ancor che co’l partire”,  Richardo Rogniono
Reduction on “Vestiva i colli” , Francesco Rognoni
Preludium, John Dowland
Variations on  “Come again”, Jacob van Eyck
The Frog Galliard (Now, oh Now)
Pavane Lacryme, J. van Eyck
Sonata in G minor, James Paisible
Suite, Henry Purcell
Variations on Amarilli mia bella , J. van Eyck
Reduction on “Susanne un jour” , Girolamo Dalla Casa
Sonata op. 3, no. 4 “La Castella” , Giovanni Antonio Pandolfi Mealli

Friday, April 12 2013, 12pm to 1pm, at Ogilvy’s Tudor Hall

Box office : 514.355.1825 or