Monica Huggett – discographie supplémentaire

Orchestral Suites for a young prince by JS Bach, Monica Huggett, Ensemble Sonnerie JS BACH
Orchestral Suites for a young prince.

Orchestral suites nos. 1,2,3 & 4.

Monica Huggett
& Sonnerie
with Gonzao Ruis, Oboe.
2009, Avie 2171

Nominated for a Grammy award.

Suites 2,3 & 4 are presented in reconstructions that attempt to re-create the original versions. The music is essentially the same, but scored differently.
Monica Huggett’s .. textures are clear, so that every line of counterpoint can be heard, and the playing is so enthusiastic that every line sounds like a melody. Her tempos are a bit on the fast side but the articulation is so clean that this sounds wholly natural…..this disc deserves to be heard by any admirer of Bach’s music. – All Music Guide.


6 Sonatas by Fontana and others, Huggett, Sonnerie. Violin Sonatas
Monica Huggett, Violin
& Sonnerie
with Bruce Dickey, Cornetto
2007, Veritas Twofers 3870022 2 CD set
Violin Sonatas by : Giovanni Battista Fontana, Giovanni Paolo Cima, Andrea Cima & Francesco Turini.
London Proms-2007
***** 5 star BBC Music Mag. *****


The Essential Giuliani, Vol 1, Monica Huggett The Essential Giuiliani, Vol 1
Portland Baroque Orchestra,
Director Monica Huggett
featuring Richard Savino: guitar,
with Jennifer Ellis: soprano
& William Skeen: cello.
2006, KIC7591 – 2CD set.


Violin Concertos, JS Bach, Monica Huggett JS BACH Violin Concertos
Monica Huggett
2006, GAU356
BWV 1041, 1042, 1052 & 1056
No matter how many versions of the Bach violin concertos you already own, this one is a must. –
International Record Review


Biber Mystery Sonatas Vol. 2, Monica Huggett with Sonnerie Heinrich Ignaz Franz BIBER
Mystery Sonatas – volume 2
Monica Huggett
with Sonnerie
2004, GAU351 
Of all the recordings now available of Biber…this [is] by far and away the most spectacular, exuberant, colourful and downright ravishing of them all. Huggett positively revels in the virtuosity of Biber’s original…Huggett’s beautifully crafted performance of the complex and, at times, profoundly moving solo Passacaglia rounds off what is a matchless recording from every perspective. – International Record Review, 2004


Biber Mystery Sonatas Vol. 1, Monica Huggett with Sonnerie Heinrich Ignaz Franz BIBER
Mystery Sonatas – volume 1
Monica Huggett
with Sonnerie
2004, GAU350
With the tonal sweetness of Huggett’s three violins resonating pleasingly through the many double- and multiple-stoppings and her bowing demonstrating a delicious lightness and freedom, she admirably displays her eloquent command of Biber’s sublime and richly symbolic language. Huggett’s [approach] is ravishing in its sonorities, her supporting cast adding significantly to the exotic sounds of the various scordaturas and the overall effect of her intelligent, stylish and expressive playing. – The Strad Magazine, November 2004


Handel Trio Sonatas Op. 2, Monica Huggett with Sonnerie George Frideric HANDEL
Trio Sonatas Op.2
Monica Huggett
and Sonnerie
2003, AV0033
Sonata No.6 in G minor. Sonata No.4 in F major. Sonata No.5 in G minor. Sonata No.1 in B minor. Sonata No.2 in G minor. Sonata No.3 in B flat major.
***** 5 star BBC Music Magazine *****
Sonnerie’s violins dance nimbly or swoon deliciously in Handel’s rich, graceful melodies. Their attractive tone is both astringent and sweet, luminous and full of shadows … their recorded sound is also impressively lucid … this disc far outshines the competition. – International Record Review, Mar 2004


Biber Violin Sonatas, 1681, Monica Huggett with Sonnerie Heinrich Ignaz Franz von BIBER
Violin Sonatas, Nisi Dominus, Passacaglia
with Thomas Guthrie (bass baritone).
2001, GAU203
Gramophone Award Winner 2002 (Baroque Instrumental)
***** 5 star BBC Music Magazine *****
“9” rating in Repertoire Magazine (France)
BBC Music Magazine Critics’ Choice – December 2001
This is a disc that merits the attention of anybody who appreciates the highest flights of violin playing, from whatever period. – The Telegraph, 18 August 2001.


Haydn and the Gypsies, Monica Huggett, Linda Burman-Hall, Lux Musica Haydn and the Gypsies
Solo and Chamber Music in Style Hongrois
Monica Huggett
with Linda Burman-Hall: fortepiano,
and Lux Musica.
2001, KL5101
A recorded documentary of 18th and 19th century Gypsy music and the influences on Hadyn and his contempories.


Vivaldi trio sonatas Op. 1, Monica Huggett with Sonnerie Antonio VIVALDI
Trio Sonatas Op. 1
1999, CPO999511 – 2 CD set.
This is a first-rate release which comfortably outclasses any rival versions of Vivaldi’s Op. 1. – Gramophone


Bach musical offering, Monica Huggett with Sonnerie JS BACH
Musical Offering,
BWV 1079
1996 Virgin 45139
This must be the most purely enjoyable Musical Offering for a long time. – Gramophone magazine Critic’s Choice 1996


Bach cantatas, Nancy Argenta, Monica Huggett and Sonnerie JS BACH
Cantatas BWV 84, 202 & 209
Cantatas 82a, 199 & 51
Ensemble Sonnerie
with Nancy Argenta
Re-release as 2 CD set : 2000 Virgin Veritas
This is a captivating performance…Recommended. – GramophoneNancy Argenta is in excellent voice, and fully attuned to the nuances of Bach’s elaborate vocal lines – The Times


Bach Sontas for Violin and continuo, Monica Huggett and Sonnerie JS BACH
Sonatas for Violin and continuo
BWV 1021 and BWV 1023

and works by Schmelzer, Schenk, Böhm, and Erlebach.
Monica Huggett
with Sonnerie
1993, ASV GAU 107
Lyricism and relaxation are not lacking in Monica Huggett’s playing in the Bach sonatas…


Bach Sonatas and Partitas, Monica Huggett JS BACH
Sonatas and Partitas for solo Violin.
BWV 1001-1006
Monica Huggett
1997, Virgin Veritas – 2CD set
Gramophone magazine Editors Choice December 1997


William Lawes, Royall Consort Suites, Monica Huggett, Sonnerie William LAWES
Royall Consort Suites
Monica Huggett
with Sonnerie
Re-release 2003, ASV GAX270 – 2CD set
Gramophone Critics’ Choice This is an accomplished performance of marvellous music – Early Music Review


Leclair Sonatas for Violin and continuo, Monica Huggett, Sonnerie Jean-Marie LECLAIR
Sonatas for Violin and continuo.

Monica Huggett
with Sonnerie
1993, ASV GAU CD 106
Sonata for Violin and Basso Continuo op.5 No.6 ‘Le Tombeau’. Sonata for Violin and Basso Continuo op.9 No.9 ‘Qui peut se jouer sur la flute allemande’. Sonata for Violin and Basso Continuo op.9 No.7 ‘Qui peut se jouer sur la flute allemande’. Gramophone Award Nomination
Leclair’s violin has never been so well represented –


Mozart String Quintets, Monica Huggett, Hausemusik MOZART
String Quintets
K.515, K.516, K.593, K.614

Monica Huggett
with Hausemusik 2
006, Virgin Veritas 45169 – 2 CD set
Editor´s choice and 10/10 for audio quality, Gramophone Magazine, 1993


Mozart The 5 Violin Concertos, Monica Huggett, Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment MOZART
The 5 Violin Concertos
Monica Huggett, soloist
Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment
Re-release 1995, Virgin Veritas 61576 – 2CD set
If you want to have some idea what Mozart’s violin concerti sounded like during his lifetime, you can’t go wrong by purchasing this impressive, yet inexpensive two-cd collection of violinist Monica Huggett leading the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment. These performances are simply revelatory, showing the textural richness of Mozart’s scores that are often lost when played by modern instrument ensembles and more exuberant soloists – Reviewer


Vivaldi Seasons & Simpson Monthes, Monica Huggett, Sonnerie Antonio VIVALDI
The Four Seasons Concertos, Op.8.
together with
Christopher SIMPSON
The Monthes
Monica Huggett
with Sonnerie
Virgin Veritas 621612 – 2 CD set


A Gift of Nature
English Chamber Music of the 17th
Century various composers.

with Stephen Stubbs, theorbo, baroque guitar
& Andrew Lawrence-King, harp, organ 
1993, Teldec 4509-90841
…despatched with effortless ease by Monica Huggett, whose smoothly elegant playing is both untroubled by the music’s technical demands and happily enhanced by the gentle and spacious acoustic of The Maltings, Snape. – Gramophone, May 1994


A Portrait of Love, Sonnerie with Nancy Argenta, soprano A Portrait of Love
Music for the French Court
Clerambault, Monteclair, Marais & Couperin.

with Nancy Argenta, Soprano
Re-release 2001, Harmonia Mundi 957081
melodic, delicate, charming – everything love should be


Telemann Chamber Concertos, orchestra of the age of enlightenment, Monica Huggett, Sara Cunningham, Marion Verbruggen Geord Philipp TELEMANN
Les Plaisirs – Chamber Concertos
The orchestra of the age of enlightenment
Directed by Monica Huggett
with Sara Cunningham, viole de gambe
and Marion Verbruggen, recorder.
1997, Harmonia Mundi 907093
…I can’t get over how beautiful this CD is, and I’m not using the word « beautiful » loosely. I love every track.


Telemann 6 Paris Quartets, Sonnerie, Hazelzet Georg Philipp TELEMANN
6 Paris Quartets
with William Hazelzet, baroque flute (traverso)
2000, Virgin Veritas 61812 – 2CD set
There is no easier, nor alluring way to come to know Telemann’s chamber works, than through his endearing, perky, warm and memorable « Paris Quartets. »


 Vivaldi violin concertos, Monica Huggett, London Vivaldi Orchestra Antonio VIVALDI
Violin Concertos
Monica Huggett, soloist
London Vivaldi Orchestra
1993, ASV GAU 105
Violin Concerto RV253 ‘La Tempesta di Mare’. Vioin Concerto RV271 ‘L’amoroso’. Violin Concerto RV277 ‘II Favorito’. Violin Concerto RV353.


 Vivaldi La Stravaganza, Monica Huggett, The Academy of Ancient Music Antonio VIVALDI
La Stravaganza 12 Concertos, Op.4
Monica Huggett
with The Academy of Ancient Music
1990, Decca 4557032 – 2 CD set