Alison Melville – additional discography

Archipelago, Alison Melville, recorder and traverso Archipelago
Sonatas, suites and trio sonatas
Alison Melville, alto recorder and transverse flute
with Derek Conrod, natural horn.
Basso continuo players include: Michael Jarvis, Charlotte Nediger, and Borys Medicky, harpsichord and Mary Cyr, bass viol.2003, Verdandi Music
 Arcangelo Corelli,  Jacques Hotteterre,  Johann Sebastian Bach,  John Stanley,  Joseph Bodin de Boismortier,  Georg Philipp Telemann.


Fruit of a Different Vine, Alison Melville, recorder. Fruit of a Different Vine
Sonatas for alto recorder & piano, recorder trios & duets.
Alison Melville, recorder
with Colin Savage, Natalie Michaud, recorders and Alayne Hall, piano1999, ACD2 2206 
Works by Berkeley, Leigh, Hindemith, Genzmer, Staeps & Angerer


A Curious Collection for the Common Flute, Alison Melville A Curious Collection for the Common Flute
Baroque recorder music on period instruments.
Alison Melville, recorder
with Valerie Weeks, harpsichord
Margaret Gay, baroque ‘cello
Colin Savage, recorder
Terry McKenna, lute
Peter Lehman, theorbo1991, ebs 6016

from amazon Germany
Works for recorder by Philidor, Telemann, Bassano, Corelli, Finger, Croft & others