About us

The web site early-music.com is a site dedicated to the promotion of some of the best early music performance artists in the world. Our motto is :

World Class early music on period instruments.
Thus we intend to promote appreciation of historically informed performance of (mainly) European music composed in the 17th. and 18th. centuries (1600 – 1800).

We make available the biographies and the discographies of top artists (whatever the record label) and try to help you to source their CDs from reliable and competitive sources. (Please tell us if you have a problem or find a more reliable source).

We provide a platform for artists to keep you up to date with their upcoming concert programme and to offer to promoters some suggested pre-prepared concerts.

We provide educational and reference background, including in many cases the full CD booklet information.

The artist members of early-music.com pay an annual subscription to the site that is intended to cover the cost of site maintenance and development. This allows artists to participate at a low individual cost.

The Quality of the material is assured by Claire Guimond, Artistic Director of Arion – a world leading Baroque Orchestra – and internationally recognised soloist.

All on site sales (rather than referals to Crotchet, Amazon etc.) are managed by an associated company :
Les Productions early-music.com. This company is a record label specialising in early music and with the same motto:
World Class early music on period instruments.
Claire Guimond is the President of this company which is based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

You can contact us:
Les Productions early-music.com 
3950 rue Saint-Denis,
Quebec H2W 2M2
or quicker, by e-mail: info@early-music.com

The web site was first launched in 1998 and has been continually active since then..