Mathieu Lussier – additional discography

Joseph Bodin de BOISMORTIER
Sonatas for two bassoons and continuo.
Musica Franca
Mathieu Lussier: solo bassoon
Nadina Mackie Jackson: bassoon,
Fraser Jackson: contrabassoon
Sylvain Bergeron: theorbo,
Richard Paré: harpsichord & organ
2006, MS1 170
The musicians…provide striking contrasts in timbre and texture. The results are delightful. The hybrid melding of modern and period instruments works beautifully, especially give the musicians’ scrupulous and imaginative attention to phrasing, vibrato, articulation and ornamentation…the solo bassoon playing of Mathieu Lussier…couldn’t be more refined, quicksilver or swashbuckling. [His] Musica Franca colleagues are sophisticated, animated partners.
The Gramophone, August, 2006


Michel CORRETTE - Les Délices de la Solitude by Les Voix Humaines Michel CORRETTE – Les Délices de la Solitude
Les Voix Humaines
2006, ACD2 2307 
Les délices de la solitude (The Delights of Solitude) is a group of six sonatas published for the first time around 1739. In this collection, Corrette clearly demonstrates his diverse and robust talent. In Le phénix (The Phoenix) that was published in 1738, the bass instruments are invited to change their usual behavior: to leave their solitary haunts for another kind of pleasure, that of shared conversation. If only because it is the only one of its kind, this little masterpiece is truly a rare bird, and well merits its title.


DEVIENNE - Le Mozart français : Quartets Op. 73, for bassoon, violin, viola, and cello DEVIENNE –  Le Mozart français
Quatuors Op. 73 pour Basson et Cordes
Mathieu Lussier: bassoon
Benoît Loiselle: cello
Jean-Luc Plourde: viola
& Livier Thouin: violin
2005, ACD2 2364
A virtuoso flutist and bassoonist, Devienne composed works that made a great many impressive technical demands. The Three Quartets Op. 73, for bassoon, violin, viola, and cello, is one of the best-written sets of bassoon music ever. Their close stylistic ties with Mozart’s Quartets for flute and strings explain why Devienne has often been called—as in the title of this CD—the French Mozart.


Caliban Does Christmas by the Caliban Quartet of Bassoonists Caliban Does Christmas
Caliban Quartet of Bassoonists:
Nadina Mackie Jackson,
Mathieu Lussier
Kathleen McLean
and Fraser Jackson.
2005, ACD2 2334
The Caliban Quartet of Bassoonists has been praised by critics around the world for its brilliant playing, inventive programming, and sunny good humour. Who better to lead you through a varied collection of sparkling Christmas music? Their new CD “Caliban Does Christmas” includes everything from comedy to swing to gorgeous ballads and choral music. For this CD, the Quartet is joined by five different singers, two drummers and even a partridge in a pear tree. The queen of vocal comedy herself, soprano Mary Lou Fallis, sings four tunes including a goofy 1957 hit, “Too Fat for the Chimney” and Fred Silver’s hilarious “The 12 Days After Christmas.” Two of Canada’s finest jazz singers are on board for tunes like “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” and the beautiful “What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?”; Bonnie Brett is a frequent guest of Toronto’s finest jazz clubs and Heather Bambrick is a brilliant up-and-comer who was named Jazz Vocalist of the Year at the 2004 National Jazz Awards.. Georgian music expert Alan Gasser joins in for a bracing rendition of a traditional Georgian Christmas tune.


Graupner - Instrumental & vocal GRAUPNER – Instrumental & vocal
Les Idées heureuses
2002, FL2 3162
Christoph Graupner, in his day, was more appreciated than Bach, so how to explain that his marvellous music has been so long forgotten. Geneviève Soly, who rediscovered him, leads her group, Les idées heureuses, in some gorgeous music from the heart of the German Baroque era.


Mozart Requiem K. 626, Les Violons du Roy MOZART Requiem K. 626
Les Violons du Roy, and La Chapelle de Québec
Direction Bernard Labadie
2002, DOR 90310 
**** BBC Music Magazine ****

A live recording commemorating the World Trade Center/Pentagon disaster of September 11th, 2001.


Handel - Gloria, Suzie LeBlanc, Academie Baroque de Montreal HANDEL’s Gloria in excelsis deo
Academie Baroque de Montreal / Alexander Weimann
Suzie LeBlanc: soprano
2002, ACD2 2215


Handel - Apollo e Dafne & Silete Venti, Les Violons du Roy George Frideric Handel – Apollo e Dafne & Silete Venti
Les Violins du Roy, conductor: Bernard Labadie
Karina Gauvin: soprano & Russel Braun: baritone
2001, XCD 90288
***** 5 star BBC Music Magazine *****


Airs Anciens, Ensemble Pentaedre de Montreal, wind quintet AIRS ANCIENS
Ensemble Pentaedre de Montreal, wind quintet
Danièle Bourget (flute) Martin Carpentier (clarinet) Jean-Marc Dugré (french horn)
Normand Forget (oboe) Noëlla Huet (mezzo-soprano)
2002, ACD2 2296
Antiche danze ed arle per liuto (Respighi).
Capriol Suite (Warlock).
Lavottiana (Farkas).
Minnelieder (Schafer).


Lisle de Délos, Elizabeth Jacquet de la Guerre, Les Idées heureuses Lisle de Délos
Elizabeth Jacquet de la Guerre
Les Idées heureuses
with Isabelle Desroches: soprano
2000, ACD2 2191
Cantates francoises, livre II: No. 2. Lisle de Delois
Harpsichord Suite No. 3 in A minor
Cantates francoises, livre 1: No. 4. Jonas


 Handel - Ouvertures, Orchestre Baroque de Montreal Handel – Ouvertures
Orchestre Baroque de Montreal
Conductor: Joel Thiffault
1999, ACD2 2157


Geminiani - Concertos grosso op.3, Orchestre Baroque de Montreal Geminiani – Concertos grosso op.3
Orchestre Baroque de Montreal
Conductor: Joel Thiffault
1997, ACD2 2122