Blavet flute sonatas

BLAVET – Sonatas for flute and bass continuo


Claire Guimond: baroque flute
with John Toll: harpsichord
& Jonathan Manson: viola da gamba
1999, ACD2 2204

Michel Blavet was perhaps the most distinguished French flautist of his century. He “resurrected the art and destiny of the flute”.

Blavet was among the foremost European instrumentalists of his time. His second set of compositions, Sonates mêlées de pièces pour la flûte traversière avec la basse (1732), offers us sonatas in four alternating slow and fast movements, built on the Italian model. But in order to bring out the French style, Blavet inserts character pieces – portraits of sorts, most often in rondo form, eitther bearing the name of an actual or fictitious person or a title evoking a quality. Claire Guimond renders all the grace and agility of these fine works.

This marvellous music deserves more exposure – and this performance is perhaps the best recorded.

This demonstrates all the subtleties of the art of Claire Guimond…….we always enjoy her natural interpretation, her style and her way of shaping each note…superb! The harpsichordist and the gamba player are absolutely remarkable.    – François Tousignant, Radio Canada, February 2000

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Product Description

Claire Guimond : baroque flute
John Toll : harpsichord
Jonathan Manson : viola da gamba

Michel BLAVET (1700 – 1768)

Sonates mêlées de pièces pour la flûte traversière avec basse, Œuvre II, 1732 

First Sonata in G Major
1. Adagio 2:13
2. Allegro 2:56
3. Première aria L’Henriette (rondeau) – Seconde aria – Première aria da capo 4:50
4. Presto 3:15
Second Sonata in D minor
5. La Vibray (andante) 2:41
6. Allemanda (allegro) 2:46
7. Gavotte les caquets (moderato) 2:16
8. Sarabanda (largo) 1:49
9. Allegro 3:49
Third Sonata, La Dhérouville, in E minor
10. Adagio 2:09
11. Allemande (andante) 2:56
12. Rondeau L’Insinuante (gatioso) 2:44
13. Le Mondorge, tambourins I et II (presto) 1:41
14. Giga (allegro) 1:59
Fourth Sonata, La Lumagne, in G minor
15. Adagio 2:08
16. Allemande (allegro) 2:37
17. Cicilliana 2:39
18. Presto 2:49
19. Le Lutin (allegro) 1:55
Fifth Sonata in D Major
20. La Chauvet (largo) 2:09
21. Allegro 2:51
22. Rondo Le Marc-Antoine 2:12
23. Les regrets (tendrement) 3:22
24. Fuga (allegro) 1:32
25. Gavotta La Dédale 3:03
Sixth Sonata in A minor
26. La Boucot (adagio) 2:13
27. Allemanda (allegro) 2:48
28. Les tendres badinages (allegretto) 1:51
29. L’Invincible 1:44
30. Presto 2:31


claire guimondClaire Guimond, baroque flute

Claire Guimond is a leading baroque flautist, recognised first in Canada and now well established on the world scene.

She is a founding member and artistic director of the Arion Baroque Orchestra, with which she has frequently toured in North and South America and Europe. She performs regularly with Tafelmusik, features in radio and TV broadcasts and plays at many festivals in Europe and North America, performing under such distinguished conductors as Ton Koopman, Andrew Parrot, Barthold Kuijken, Jordi Savall, Nicholas McGegan, Philippe Herreweghe and Bruno Weil.

Ms. Guimond has an extensive discography of over 30 recordings distributed internationally. As well as Arion, these feature harpsichordists Gary Cooper and Luc Beausejour, and cellist Jaap ter Linden.

Claire Guimond is a member of, a site devoted to the promotion of some of the world’s finest early music musicians.


The Instruments
Claire Guimond, baroque flute – Alain Weemaels, Bruxelles 1992, after Rottenburgh père
John Toll, harpsichord – Martin Skowroneck, Brême 1999, after a french instrument from the end of the 17th. century.
Jonathan Manson, viola da gamba – Curtis Bryant, Watertown, Massachusett 1979, after Colichon.

Pitch : A 400Hz.

Recorded in June 1999 at St. Andrew´s Church, Toddington, England.

Producer : Claire Guimond
Recording engineer and producer : Johanne Goyette
Photo of Claire Guimond : Yanick MacDonald
Graphic design : Luc Beauchemin

Special thanks to Jean and André Guimond.

© Claire Guimond..