Farnaby's dream by Timothy Roberts

FARNABY – Farnaby’s dreame


 Timothy Roberts, harpsichord
20 pieces from the Fitzwilliam Virginal Book
2003, EMCCD 7756

British keyboardist Timothy Roberts has had for the past two decades a career as a soloist playing harpsichord, organ, piano and also clavichord. Principal keyboard player with the Gabrieli Consort and Players, Mr. Roberts has accompanied many notable singers, including, Emma Kirkby and Charles Daniels.

The Fitzwilliam Virginal Book is by far the largest and most valuable treasury of English keyboard music from the 16th & 17th centuries. Farnaby’s music has a spontaneity and charm few of his contemporaries can rival.

***** 5 Stars awarded by the BBC Music Magazine*****

It’s impossible to listen to Roberts’s performances of the justly popular “Woodycock” or the astounding “Fantasia” FVB No.233, without acknowledging that this is one fabulous composer and one fabulous harpsichordist as well.
Jonathan Saville, San Diego Harpsichord Society


Product Description

Timothy Roberts , Harpsichord

Giles FARNABY (1553 – c.1640)

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20 pieces from the Fitzwilliam Virginal Book

1 Giles Farnaby’s Dreame 1 :50
2 Fantasia * 3 :25
3 Up tails All 6 :39
4 His Rest 1 :19
5 Praeludium 1 :02
6 Rosasolis 3 :06
7 Quodling’s Delight 3 :53
8 Loth to Depart 3 :50
9 Fantasia ** 4 :18
10 Tower Hill 0 :58
11 A Toye 1 :16
12 Tell Me, Daphne 1 :35
13 His Humour 3 :02
14 Fantasia *** 5 :24
15 Rosseter’s Galliard 3 :45
16 Woodycock 7 :21
17 Farnaby’s Conceit 0 :57
18 A Maske 2 :29
19 Fantasia **** 7 :11
20 Farmer’s Pavan 6 :27

* Fitzwilliam Virginal Book No.232 ** FVB No.229 *** FVB No.129
****FVB No.233

Timothy Roberts is playing on a copy of Lodewyk Theewes harpsichord, built by Malcolm Rose
Pitch : 440 Hz     Temperament: quarter coma mean time.
The instrument was kindly loaned by : Joseph Kung


Timothy RobertsTIMOTHY ROBERTS, harpsichord.

Timothy Roberts is an early-keyboard specialist, working as an accompanist, director or soloist on harpsichord, organ, fortepiano or clavichord in many areas of music from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century. He is principal keyboard player of The Gabrieli Consort and Players, appearing on many of their award-winning discs. He has toured widely with His Majestys Sagbutts and Cornetts whom he recently directed in an acclaimed Hyperion recording of Gabrieli’s 1597 Canzonas and Sonatas. In the field of Baroque and Classical song he has accompanied many outstanding singers including Emma Kirkby, Catherine Bott, Julia Gooding, Rufus Müller and John Mark Ainsley. Directing his own ensemble, Invocation, he has made a series of pioneering recordings of Georgian vocal music for Hyperion. His many recitals for BBC Radio 3 have ranged from Renaissance harpsichord works to sonatas by Mozart and by British composers, and he has twice been featured on the BBC’s ‘Spirit of the Age’ series.

Timothy was born in London, was a music scholar at Cambridge University and studied harpsichord at The Guildhall School of Music under the late Christopher Kite, and with Jill Severs. He has published numerous editions of early music, most recently with Oxford University Press.

Recorded at Weston Parish Church, Hertfordshire, England, may 2002
Executive Producer : Timothy Roberts
Recording producer and sound engineer : John Taylor
Harpsichord preparation and tuning : Malcom Greenhalgh and Keith McGowan
Graphic Design : Lucie Arsenault for Luz design + communications
Photo of Timothy Roberts : David Farrell
Music edited from the : Fitzwilliam Virginal Book by Timothy Roberts

©Timothy Roberts, 2003 under exclusive license with : Les Productions early-music.com inc.

Made in Canada

EMCCD 7756.