REBEL - Les Plaisirs champêtres by Arion Baroque Orchestra with Daniel Cuiller

REBEL – Les Plaisirs champêtres


Arion Baroque Orchestra,
Guest Conductor: Daniel Cuiller
2007, EMCCD7765

The recording is entirely devoted to French Baroque composer Jean-Féry Rebel and comprises some of his most admirable ballet music, along with the enigmatic suite Les Elemens.

The orchestra was awarded two Opus Prizes in January 2007 (voted by the Conseil québécois de la musique) for this program, which was featured in Arion’s 2006 activities. One Prize was for the ‘Concert of the Year in Montreal’ and the other for the ‘Concert of the Year, Music of the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and the Baroque eras’.

The thing that initially grabs you with this new recording is the sound. It’s ambient but rich and hearty, allowing for all the wonderful orchestral colours to shine. If you think French Baroque music is thin and wimpy, think again. Five Stars !  – Rick Philipps, Sound Advice, CBC Radio

Product Description

Arion Baroque Orchestra
Guest conductor Daniel Cuiller

Jean-Féry REBEL (1666-1747)

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La Terpsicore
1. Bruit (Grave, vite, grave, gay) 1 :39
2. Sicilienne en rondeau 3 :01
3. L’Angloise (Gigue) 2 :24

Les Caractères de la Danse
4. Prélude 0 :31
5. Courante 0 :30
6. Menuet 0 :16
7. Bourée 0 :22
8. Chaconne 0 :55
9. Sarabande 0 :33
10. Gigue 0 :27
11. Rigaudon 0 :14
12. Passepied 0 :24
13. Gavotte 0 :30
14. Sonate 0 :40
15. Loure 0 :15
16. Musette 1 :03
17. Sonate 1 :17

18. Gravement 0 :53
19. Vivement 2 :17

Les Plaisirs champêtres
20. Musette 1 :03
21. Gavotte 1 :42
22. Musette 0 :29
23. Chaconne 3 :09
24. Passepied 1 :32
25. Bourée 1 :21
26. Rigaudon 0 :50
27. Bourée 0 :59

La Fantaisie
28. Grave 1 :32
29. Chaconne 3 :35
30. Loure 2 :28
31. Tambourin 1 :39
32. Chaconne 1 :44

Les Élémens “A Son Altesse Sérénissime Mrg le Prince de Carignan”
33. Le Chaos 7 :23
34. La Terre et l’Eau 1 :54
35. Chaconne Le feu 2 :45
36. Ramage L’Air 0 :58
37. Rossignols 1 :22
38. Loure La Chasse 1 :52
39. Tambourins 2 :12
40. Sicilienne 1 :19
41. Rondeau Air pour l’Amour 0 :54
42. Caprice 2 :31

DANIEL CUILLER, guest conductor

Violinist, chamber music and early music professor at the Conservatoire National de la Région de Nantes, in France, Daniel Cuiller is one of those passionate musicians who have been revisiting the baroque repertoire approach over the past 25 years. Their task has been to redifine, on a philological level, a musical aesthetic that had been occulted by years of romantisicm.

Very dedicated to his teaching, Daniel Cuiller gives many masterclasses in early music performance in France as well as in Madrid. Daniel Cuiller is extremely attracted to the oral tradition cultural heritage and his teaching experience has led him to participate in several artistic activities involving other forms of art : theatre, dance, French traditional music, classical music along with music from the North of India.

Guest conductor, soloist, artistic director of the ensemble Stradivaria since 1987, Daniel Cuiller has been invited to conduct events featuring music and dance throughout Europe (Helsinki, Oslo, Città di Castello, Sablé..), and others, featuring theatrical and musical premieres (Rome, Ultrecht, Montreal, Versailles, Caen and Nantes). His solo work includes the premiere performances of contemporary composers such as Jean-Yves Bosseur and Gérard Garcin.

His discography using an original period violin ranges from the Italian Sonata (Corelli & Co, A tre violini), the Telemann Fantasias for solo violin and concertos by Leclair, Pergolesi and Corrette. He has also participated in some 15 recording projects with his ensemble Stradivaria.

Arion Baroque Orchestra

Arion is a Montreal-based baroque orchestra performing on period instruments. The ensemble was founded in 1981 by flautist Claire Guimond, violinist Chantal Rémillard, gambist Betsy MacMillan and harpsichordist Hank Knox. Claire Guimond has been Arion’s artistic director ever since its first concerts.

From the outset, Arion’s concerts were unanimously hailed for their clarity and gusto as well as their refined and expressive performances, chosen from a vast array of early music works. A meticulous attention to detail has placed Arion’s artistic achievements amongst those of the greatest current early music ensembles.

The orchestra calls upon world-renowned guest conductors to perform vocal and instrumental works in its high-profile series of concerts in Montreal. They include Barthold Kuijken, Monica Huggett, Jaap ter Linden, Daniel Cuiller and Elizabeth Wallfisch.

A recipient of numerous awards and grants, Arion has toured extensively throughout Canada, Europe, Mexico, the United States and Japan.

Arion’s discography features 25 CDs, distributed internationally both as a quartet and in a larger setting with the collaboration of such fine artists as sopranos Agnès Mellon and Suzie LeBlanc, mezzo Kimberly Barber, countertenors Matthew White and Daniel Taylor, baritone Max van Egmond, violinist and conductor Monica Huggett, Barthold Kuijken and Jaap ter Linden, as well as several talented baroque soloists.

Arion is a member of, a site committed to the promotion of some of the world’s finest early music artists.

first violins
Chantal Rémillard
Scott Metcalfe
Guylaine Grégoire
Olivier Braultsecond violins
Chloe Meyers
Ellie Nimeroski
Sari Tsujiviolas
Jacques-André Houle
Kathia Robert
Phoebe Carrai
Isabelle Bozzinidouble-bass
Nicolas Lessardtheorbo
Matthew Wadsworthharpsichord
Hank Knoxbaroque flutes and piccolos
Claire Guimond
Mika Puttermanoboes
Washington McClain
Matthew Jennejohnbassoons
Suzanne DeSerres
Mathieu Lussier

Recorded 28, 29 and 30 March, 2006 at Saint-Augustin-de-Mirabel Church, Québec

Producer : Ensemble Arion., tous droits réservés / all rights reserved
Executive Producer : Claudia Berardi
Recording Producer : Anton Kwiatkowski, PJ Productions
Sound Engineer : Anton Kwiatkowski, PJ Productions
Assisted by : Joan Kwiatkowski
Photo Artistic Director : André Guimond
Graphic Design, Lucie Arsenault and Elise Bergeron for Luz Design
Cover and inside photos : Pierre Charbonneau
Daniel Cuiller photo, courtesy of Vincent Garnier

We acknowledge the financial support of the Government of Canada through the Canada Music Fund for this project.

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EMCCD 7765.