Suites concertantes

Suites concertantes


Suites concertantes
Arion  Baroque Orchestra
Guest Conductor : Barthold Kuijken
Soloists Claire Guimond, flute
and Chantal Rémillard
2001, ACD2 225

4 superb examples of the “Concert suite”, the structure of which was developed by Lully for Louis XIV and the french court in the mid 17th. century – partly as a protection against the incursions of Italian musical style !

Bart Kuijken is steeped in this music and brings a rare understanding of period performance to present this music as if it was newly minted.

5   *****   Diapasons

Arion ensemble demonstrates eloquence and enthusiasm […] [and plays] with an elegance and a palette of colors that is mesmerizing. – Jean-Luc Macia, Diapason, 1er mai 2003

This is one of the most charming and joyful discs of the year. Arion and Barthold Kuijken skilfully blend the different styles of these delightful pieces amongst which is the Suite no. 2 of Jean-Sébastien Bach with its well known Badinerie, which is interpreted with soul by Claire Guimond. All in all, a very good record. – Alain Bénard, Canada, Le Journal de Montréal, septembre 2001

Product Description

Arion Baroque Orchestra
Guest conductor Barthold Kuijken
Soloists Claire Guimond, flute
and Chantal Rémillard, violin

See program notes here.

George Philipp Telemann (1681 – 1767) Suite in A minor TWV 55 : A4  [15 :50]

1. Ouverture 3 :05
2. Passepied – Trio 2 :32
3. Bourrée 1 :42
4. Menuet – Trio 2 :43
5. Rondeau 1 :24
6. Polonaise 2 :57
7. Gigue 1 :27

Johann Bernard Bach (1676 – 1749) Suite in G minor  [21 :56]
featuring Chantal Rémillard, violin solo

8. Ouverture 4 :43
9. Air 3 :28
10. Rondeau 1 :43
11. Loure 4 :08
12. Fantaisie 5 :42
13. Passepied 2 :12

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685 – 1750) Suite in B minor BWV 1067  [18 :29]
featuring Claire Guimond, flute solo

14. Ouverture 5 :57
15. Rondeau 1 :51
16. Sarabande 3 :03
17. Bourrée I – Bourrée II 1 :44
18. Polonaise – Double 3 :12
19. Menuet 1 :05
20. Badinerie 1 :37

George Frideric Handel (1685 – 1759) Suite from the opera Rodrigo  [15 :45]

21. Ouverture 2 :31
22. Gigue 0 :56
23. Sarabande 2 :23
24. Matelot 1 :03
25. Menuet 1 :10
26. Bourrée 1 :12
27. Air 1 :08
28. Menuet 1 :13
29. Passacaille 4 :09

Bart KuijkenBART KUIJKEN, guest conductor

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arion baroque orchestraArion Baroque Orchestra

Arion is a Montreal-based baroque orchestra performing on period instruments. The ensemble was founded in 1981 by flautist Claire Guimond, violinist Chantal Rémillard, gambist Betsy MacMillan and harpsichordist Hank Knox. Claire Guimond has been ARION’s artistic director ever since its first concerts.

From the outset, Arion’s concerts were unanimously hailed for their clarity and gusto as well as their refined and expressive performances, chosen from a vast array of early music works. A meticulous attention to detail has placed Arion’s artistic achievements amongst those of the greatest current early music ensembles.

The orchestra calls upon world-renowned guest conductors to perform vocal and instrumental works in its high-profile series of concerts in Montreal. They include Barthold Kuijken, Monica Huggett, Jaap ter Linden, Daniel Cuiller and Elizabeth Wallfisch.

A recipient of numerous awards and grants, Arion has toured extensively throughout Canada, Europe, Mexico and the United States. The autumn of 2006 was also the occasion for Arion to tour Japan in its first Asian tour.

Arion’s discography features 25 CDs, distributed internationally both as a quartet and in a larger setting with the collaboration of such fine artists sopranos Agnès Mellon and Suzie LeBlanc, mezzo Kimberly Barber, countertenors Matthew White and Daniel Taylor, baritone Max van Egmond, violinist and conductor Monica Huggett, Barthold Kuijken and Jaap ter Linden, as well as some of the country’s top baroque soloists.

Chantal Rémillard, soloist
Christine Moran
Chloe Meyers
Hélène Plouffe
Olivier Brault
Jacques-André Houle

Élisabeth Comtois
Margaret Little

Phoebe Carrai
Nathalie Giguère

Double Bass
Éric Lagacé

Washington McClain
Matthew Jennejohn

Mathieu Lussier

Baroque flute
Claire Guimond, soloist

Matthias Maute
Sophie Larivière

Hank Knox

Recorded in January 2001 at St-Augustin de Mirabel church, Quebec.

Producer : Arion, all rights reserved.

Recording Producer : Johanne Goyette
Production assistants : Valérie Leclair, Jaques-André Houle
Artistic Direction : Claire Guimond
Graphic design : Diane Lagacé
Photos : Yanick MacDonald

This recording was sponsored by La Banque Laurentienne.

We recognise the financial support of the Government of Canada through the Sound Recording Development Program.

Made in Canada

ACD2 2257.