Telemann - Tafelmusik by Arion Baroque Orchestra

TELEMANN – Tafelmusik (first production).


Arion Baroque Orchestra
1997, FL2 3118

Telemann, perhaps here more than in any other of his compositions, reaches great heights of invention: the melodic richness, the variety and the ingenuity are astonishing and transcend established forms. Of this first “production”, offered here by Arion many features should be praised: the free and generous dialogue between the two violins in the Trio-Sonata, the delicacy of the slow movements of the Flute Sonata, to name a few, are in themselves remarkable, but it is the extraordinary orchestral and motivic proprieties of the Concerto for flute, violin and cello combined with a nearly-classical elegance, that make this one of the most beautiful concertos of its time. – François Filiatrault

Arion show off their maturity in this excellent production.

“The result matches our expectations: the great Ouverture in E minor prances elegantly yet vigorously, thereby eschewing its didactic and verbose aspects. Significantly different from Goebel or Harnoncourt’s versions, yet as agreeable to listen to, this charming and choreographic rendition is followed by a Flute and Violin Concerto with a rhythmic exuberance seldom heard… this delightful record ends with an enthusiastic and lively conclusion.”      – Jean-Luc Macia, Diapason, France.

Product Description

Arion Baroque Orchestra

Georg Philipp TELEMANN (1681 – 1767)

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Overture [and Suite] for two flutes, strings and continuo in E minor
1. Ouverture (Lentement – Vite – Lentement) 6:02
2. Réjouissance 3:37
3. Rondeau 2:11
4. Loure 3:10
5. Passepied 2:18
6. Air (un peu vivement) 4:07
7. Gigue 2:14
Concerto for flute, violin, [cello], strings and continuo in A major
8.   Largo 4:53
9. Allegro 5:41
10. Gratioso 3:44
11. Allegro 5:55
Trio Sonata for two violins and continuo in E flat major
12. Affettuoso 3:07
13. Vivace 2:31
14. Grave 2:37
15. Allegro 3:02
Sonata for flute and continuo in B minor
16. Cantabile 2:24
17. Allegro 2:26
18. Dolce 3:15
19. Allegro 2:49
Conclusion for two flutes, strings and continuo in E minor
20. Allegro – Largo – Allegro [da capo] 4:39

Arion Baroque Orchestra

Arion is a Montreal-based baroque orchestra performing on period instruments. The ensemble was founded in 1981 by flautist Claire Guimond, violinist Chantal Rémillard, gambist Betsy MacMillan and harpsichordist Hank Knox. Claire Guimond has been Arion’s artistic director ever since its first concerts.

From the outset, Arion’s concerts were unanimously hailed for their clarity and gusto as well as their refined and expressive performances, chosen from a vast array of early music works. A meticulous attention to detail has placed Arion’s artistic achievements amongst those of the greatest current early music ensembles.

The orchestra calls upon world-renowned guest conductors to perform vocal and instrumental works in its high-profile series of concerts in Montreal. They include Barthold Kuijken, Monica Huggett, Jaap ter Linden, Daniel Cuiller and Elizabeth Wallfisch.

A recipient of numerous awards and grants, Arion has toured extensively throughout Canada, Europe, Mexico, the United States and Japan.

Arion’s discography features 25 CDs, distributed internationally both as a quartet and in a larger setting with the collaboration of such fine artists as sopranos Agnès Mellon and Suzie LeBlanc, mezzo Kimberly Barber, countertenors Matthew White and Daniel Taylor, baritone Max van Egmond, violinist and conductor Monica Huggett, Barthold Kuijken and Jaap ter Linden, as well as several talented baroque soloists.

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Arion Baroque Orchestra :

Chantal Rémillard
Hélène Plouffe
Olivier Brault

Elisabeth Comtois

viola da gamba
Betsy MacMillan

baroque cello
Susie Napper

double bass
Éric Lagacé

Hank Knox

Claire Guimond
Allan Forest

Recorded in May 1997 at the Church of St-Augustin-de-Mirabel (near Montreal), Canada.

FL2 3118.