CORRETTE – Symphonies des noël + Concertos comiques


Arion Baroque Orchestra
2008, EMCCD7768 (re-release)
In relying on popular tunes of all sorts, whether it be traditional songs (as in the “Concertos comiques”) or popular French Christmas carols (called “noëls”), Michel Corrette (1707-1795) bequeathed not only musical collections exemplifying the light entertainment of 18th-century France, but a wealth of information for the study of his sources. Corrette’s numerous music tutors and detailed prefaces are also indispensable for the understanding of performance practice in France at the time. Arion — in one of its first forays as an orchestra — gives these high-spirited works all the panache they deserve. A Baroque “must” for the Holiday Season!

The early music group Arion plays at its highest level. The recorded sound is also intimate and ideal. A triumph on all levels.  – Philip Anson, La Scena Musicale.

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Arion Baroque Orchestra

Michel CORRETTE (1707 – 1795)

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Symphonies from :  Six symphonies en quatuor contenant les plus beaux noëls français et étrangers, Paris 1781

Symphonie des noëls no 2 en ré majeur (D major)
1. Allegro (ou s’en vont ces gais bergers) 2:35
2. Largo (Noël polonais) 1:17
3. Allegro (Laissez paître vos bêtes) 3:04

Symphonie des noëls no 4 en ré mineur (D minor)
4. Moderato (Une jeune pucelle) 1:43
5. Allegro 1:16
6. Adagio (Chrétiens qui suivez l’Église) 1:03
7. Allegro (Nous sommes en voie) 0:49
8. Largo (Noël allemand) 1:10
9. Allegro (Noël américain) 0:53
10. Allegro (Nouveau noël sur un ancien air de M. Lully) 2:29

Symphonie des noëls no 5 en la mineur (A minor)
11. Moderato (Chantons je vous prie Noël hautement) 1:41
12. Andante (Bergers allons voir dans ce lieu) 0:42
13. Allegro (Joseph est bien marié) 1:25
14. Allegro (Un jour Dieu se résolu) 0:42
15. Allegro (Michaud qui causait ce grand bruit) 0:42
16. Adagio (Or nous dites Marie) 2:36
17. Vivace (Chantons de voix hautaines) 2:14
18. Allegro (Noël suisse) 3:11

Symphonie des noëls no 6 en la mineur (A minor)
19. Allegro (Tous les bourgeois de Chartres) 1:57
20. Amoroso (Quoy ma voisine, es-tu fâchée!) 1:51
21. Allegro 1:22
22. Allegro (Bon Joseph écoutez-moi) 1:21

Concerto comique no 4 en la mineur (A major) Le quadrille.
(Six concertos comiques…. opus 8, Paris 1733)
23. Allegro 2:16
24. Adagio 0:37
25. Allegro 2:30

Concerto comique no 7 en do majeur (C major)
(La servante au bon tabac, Paris, 1733)
26. Allegro 1:59
27. Adagio 0:38
28. Allegro (J’ai du bon tabac) 2:06

Concerto comique no 19 en la majeur (A major)
(La Turque Paris, circa 1752)
29. Allegro (La Turque) 1:47
30. Allegro 0:55
31. Allegro (La confession) 1:36

Concerto comique no 24 en do majeur (C major)
La marche du Huron Paris, circa 1760)
32. Allegro (Marche du Huron) 3:30
33. Amoroso (Comme l’amour soyons enfants) 1:34
34. Allegro (On dit qu’à 15 ans on plaît, on aime, on se marie) 2:04

Concerto comique no 25 en sol mineur (G minor)
(Les sauvages Paris, circa 1760)
35. Allegro (Les sauvages) 3:33
36. Andante (Quand on sait aimer et plaire) 1:49
37. Allegro (La Fürstenberg) 3:55

Arion Baroque Orchestra

The musicians of Arion started playing together in 1981. From the outset, their concerts were unanimously hailed for their clarity and gusto as well as their refined and expressive performances on a vast array of carefully-chosen early music works. A meticulous attention to detail has placed Arion’s artistic achievements amongst those of the greatest current early music ensembles.

Claire Guimond, the Artistic Director of Arion, calls upon world-renowned guest conductors and soloists to perform vocal and instrumental works in its high-profile series of concerts in Montreal. They include Barthold Kuijken, Monica Huggett, Jaap ter Linden, Daniel Cuiller and Elizabeth Wallfisch. These collaborations contribute to keeping Arion at the forefront of international period performance.

A recipient of numerous awards and grants, Arion has toured extensively throughout Canada, Europe, United States and Asia. Arion’s discography features 25 CDs distributed internationally.

For more details please see the internet site : www.early-music.com , a site devoted to the promotion of some of the world’s finest early music artists.

Claire Guimond, flute & percussion
Chantal Rémillard, violin
Olivier Brault, violin
Hélène Plouffe, violin
Élisabeth Comtois, viola
Betsy MacMillan, viola da gamba
Hank Knox, harpsichord

Produced and recorded by : Johanne Goyette
Digital mastering : Johanne Goyette, Studio l’Esplanade
Recorded at : Église Saint-Augustin, Saint-Augustin-de-Mirabel (Québec) May 26, 27,28, 1999
Production assistant : Jacques-André Houle
Visual artistic Director : André Guimond
Graphic Design : Lucie Arsenault for Luz Design

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