D'Anglebert Pièces de clavecin by Hank Knox

D’ANGLEBERT – Pièces de clavecin


Hank Knox – clavecytherium (upright harpsichord)
Pièces de clavecin (Paris 1689)
2004, EMCCD-7759

Jean-Henry D’Anglebert published his only collection of music two years before his death : in addition to his own compositions, he included transcriptions of orchestral pieces by the famous Jean-Baptiste Lully. On this disc, Hank Knox makes the clavecytherium sound like a full orchestra, rich with colours and surprising sonorities. An important disc for all lovers of the harpsichord as well as for those passionate about the age of the Sun King.

Hank Knox has a well-cultivated feel for his repertoire and there is a real sense of enjoyment in his playing, this understanding and enthusiasm being also communicated in his helpful notes.
David Hansell, Early Music Review (United Kingdom), March 2004


Product Description

Hank Knox , clavecytherium

Jean-Henry D’ANGLEBERT (1626-1691)

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“Pieces de clavecin Composées par J. Henry d’Anglebert. Ordinaire de la Musique de Chambre du Roy Avec la maniere des les Joüer. Diverses Chaconnes, Ouvertures, et autres Airs de Monsieur de Lully mis sur cet Instrument…. (Paris, 1689)”

Pièces en ré mineur
1 Prélude 3 :52
2 Allemande 3 :20
3 Courante 2 :16
4 Sarabande 3 :24
5 Gigue 2 :11
6 Gavotte 1 :33
7 Tombeau de Mr. de Chambonnières 5 :28


Pièces en sol mineur
8 Prélude 1 :32
9 Allemande 3 :26
10 Courante 1 :44
11 Courante, Mr de Lully 1 :31
12 Double de la Courante 1 :34
13 Sarabande, Dieu des Enfers, Mr. de Lully (Ballet de la Naissance de Venus, 1665)
14 Gigue, Mr. de Lully 2 :26
15 Menuet, La Jeune Iris, Mr. de Lully (Trios pour le coucher du Roi) 1 :39
16 Ouverture de La Mascarade, Mr. de Lully (Le Carnaval, 1675) 3 :53
17 Les Songes agréables, Mr. de Lully (Atys, 1676) 2 :22
18 Air d’Apollon, Mr. de Lully (Le Triomphe de l’Amour, 1681) 2 :34


Pièces en sol majeur
19 Prélude 1 :58
20 Allemande 3 :12
21 Courante 1 :59
22 Double de la Courante 2 :04
23 Sarabande 2 :42
24 Gigue 2 :07
25 Gaillarde 3 :45
26 Chaconne Rondeau 3 :41
27 Ritournelle des Fées, Mr. de Lully (Roland, 1685) 1 :36
28 Chaconne, Mr. de Lully (Phaeton, 1683) 4 :05


‘The harpsichord is a complete instrument by virtue of its range, and sufficient unto itself. However, as one can neither swell nor diminish its sounds, I shall always be grateful to those who, by consummate skill supported by good taste, are able to render this instrument capable of expression. Such was the task my ancestors set themselves, quite apart from the fine quality of their pieces; I have endeavoured to perfect their discoveries, for their works still appeal to persons of refined taste.” – François Couperin, Pièces de clavecin, Paris, 1716.


The instrument :
Clavecytherium Yves Beaupré, opus 100, Montréal 2002 Collection Jacques Dansereau
After an instrument by Albertus Delin (1712-1771) built in 1768, kept at The Hague Museum

Tuning: A415, temperament after Chaumont (1695)


Hank Knox reclining on his clavecytherium.HANK KNOX, clavecytherium

Hank Knox studied harpsichord with John Grew at McGill University in Montreal and with Kenneth Gilbert in Paris. He has given numerous harpsichord recitals, and is a founding member of Ensemble Arion, with whom he has toured Canada, the United States, Europe, South America and Mexico.

He has also performed and toured with the Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra and le Studio de musique ancienne de Montréal. He plays regularly with the Orchestre symphonique de Montréal.

Hank Knox directs the Early Music program at McGill University, where he teaches harpsichord and figured bass accompaniment, coaches chamber music ensembles, and conducts the McGill Baroque Orchestra. He was honoured with a William Dawson Scholar award recognition of his work in Early Music. In collaboration with Opera McGill, he has directed productions of Purcell’s Dido & Aeneas, Handel’s Giulio Cesare and Semele, Les Sauvages from Rameau’s Les Indes galantes, Telemann’s Don Quichotte, and Peri’s Euridice.

His wide discography includes some 15 recordings with Arion, as well as solo and chamber music collaborations, including a recording of Frescobaldi’s keyboard works on an Italian harpsichord of 1677.

Hank Knox is a member of early-music.com, a site committed to the promotion of some of the world’s finest early music artists.

Recorded 26, 27 and 28 June, 2003 at Saint-Augustin-de-Mirabel Church, Québec

Producer : Hank Knox,  all rights reserved
Executive Producer : Claudia Berardi
Recording Producer : Anton Kwiatkowski
Sound Engineer : Anton Kwiatkowski
Harpsichord tuning and preparation: Yves Beaupré
Graphic Design, Lucie Arsenault for Luz Design
Cover photos : Alexandre Choquette
Inside photos : Yves Beaupré

We would like to express our deepest appreciation to Mrs. Phyllis Lambert and the Canadian Centre for Architecture for permission to use the magnificent Shaughnessy House for the cover photos.

© Hank Knox, 2003 Under exclusive license with Les Productions early-music.com inc. Made in Canada

EMCCD 7759.