Bach - Six trio sonatas [BWV 525 to 530] by Arion ensemble

BACH – Six trio-sonatas


Arion ensemble
Sonatas BWV 525-530

1996, FL2 3086

Although known as Organ Sonatas these pieces were often played, as here, in the traditional baroque trio sonata format of four instrumentalists (two being assigned to the base line). Commentators agree in praising the variety of their moods, their poetic nuances, their dynamic energy, their elegance and their richness. This unique group may appear as the most radiant of all Bach’s offerings.

Arion’s enviable control of melodic and harmonic tension comes from tempos that never allow the texture to become clogged, and a way of dovetailing rather than splicing phrase together to create seamless but always musically driven momentum.
Winnipeg Free Press [Canada]

…. the sound of Claire Guimond’s flute is incredibly delectable … the somewhat darker, deeper tone accompanied by Chantal Remillard’s 1650 violin opened up to me new worlds of understanding of this incredibly beautiful music.  … Arion’s bass line is richer and more variable, with Hank Knox sometimes using the “Lautenzug” (lute stop) to create some marvellous effects in a couple of slow movements…. Blissful listening! Tasteful, gloriously competent and anything except superficial! Wonderful stuff!
– Leslie Richford, Reviewer.

Product Description

Arion ensemble

Johann Sebastian BACH (1685 – 1750)

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Sonata No.1 in G major (BWV 525)
(originally in E-flat major)
1. Allegro moderato 2 :39
2. Adagio 4 :25
3. Allegro 3 :32
Sonata No.2 in E minor (BWV 526)
(originally in C minor)
4. Vivace 3 :16
5. Largo 2 :50
6. Allegro 3 :28
Sonata No.3 in D minor (BWV 527)
(original key)
7. Andante 4 :57
8. Adagio e dolce 3 :29
9. Vivace 3 :42
Sonata No.4 in A minor (BWV 528)
(originally in E minor)
10. Adagio-vivace 2 :22
11. Andante 4 :12
12. Poco allegro 2 :29
Sonata No.5 in D major (BWV 529)
(originally in C major)
13. Allegro 4 :39
14. Largo 4 :44
15. Allegro 3 :23
Sonata No.6 in C major (BWV 530)
(originally in G major)
16. Vivace 3 :40
17. Lento 6 :30
18. Allegro 3 :14
 TOTAL TIME  67 :38

Arion ensemble

Claire Guimond, baroque flute (Alain Weemaels, 1983, after Rottenburg circa 1725)
Chantal Rémillard, baroque violin (Antonio Mariani, Paesaro 1650)
Betsy MacMillan, viola da gamba and baroque cello (D. Rubio, 1977, after instruments of the 17th. century)
Hank Knox, harpsichord (Richard Kingston, 1982, after Dülcken)


Recorded in June 1996 at the church of Saint-Augustin-de-Mirabel, near Montreal, Quebec

Producer : Mario Labbé
Production coordinator : Claudia Berardi
Recording producer : Brad Michel, Clarion productions
Sound engineer : Johanne Goyette, Studio l’Esplanade

Made in Canada

FL2 3086.